and Welcome at Picture In Motion, headed up by NL-based Motion Designer and Creative Director Pim te Poel.

Already as a little boy I was mesmerized and curious about moving pictures and tv broadcasting design.
The way images passed in front of my eyes in a little magic box called "tv", inspired me to learn how to make Pictures In Motion.
After graduating Image & Media Technology at Utrecht School of the Arts, I started freelancing as fulltime Motion Designer and Filmmaker.
Some of the results of the past couple of years can be seen on this site, and varies from 2D/3D animation to videoclips.
It is that same conviction of the early years and my passion nowadays, to pursue perfection for each client on every project. 

I like to work on: brand intro's, leaderpacks, (movie)titles, infographics and different types of 2D/3D animations.
If you need a freelance cameraman, just give me a call and we can work something out.

Software I work with:
Adobe Creative Cloud
Cinema 4D                                                                                                                  
Fcp X
Avid MC
DaVinci Resolve
Camera's I worked with:
Arri Amira
Arri Mini
Red One 
Canon C300 (II)   
Canon C100 (II)
Canon 5D (II)
Sony F5
Sony FS7
Sony FS700
Sony A7S
Sony A7R II

I am always looking for new clients & projects. 
I'm available for freelance work, either in home or on location in the Netherlands or else in the World.

Please get in touch, I’d love to work with you !
+31(0)622361011  |  pimtepoel@gmail.com
Thank you!
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